In Memorium:

S. Akram Ali, MD Surgeon 1930-2023

Frederick Coop, MD Radiologist 1957-2021

Membership Benefits

Membership in the St Clair County Medical Society (SCCMS) gives you the opportunity to share resources, discuss ideas, and network with some of the most active and respected physicians in the state. You will receive news and information meetings, faxes, and emails. Because SCCMS is politically aggressive, it can provide its members with myriad opportunities to shape the future of medicine locally, as well as on a state and national level.

When you join SCCMS you also join the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS). MSMS has experts to assist you with practice management, business strategies, third party reimbursements, and contracting issues. The MSMS monthly magazine, Michigan Medicine, and the weekly newsletter “Medigram”, are also provided.

Both organizations give you the information you can really use and tools you need to stay current, anticipate developments, and make decisions as they relate to your career.

SCCMS Members are granted access to:

  • An online Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • Continuing Medical Education opportunities
  • Networking with fellow physicians
  • Organized advocacy to protect patients and the practice of medicine
  • Legislators Advocacy with third party payers
  • Referrals for people seeking a new physician
  • Committee participation
  • Neutral association for physicians
  • Policy making
  • SCCMS Peer Review
  • Health and Dental Insurance through MSMS vendors
  • Medigram Newsletter
  • Medicine magazine
  • Discounts on CME programs
  • Discounts on practice management education
  • Assistance with reimbursement and coding problems
  • Tools to evaluate managed care and employment contracts
  • Access to MSMS “Members only” products and services


How to join:

If you are a physician interested in joining the Michigan State Medical Society/St. Clair County Medical Society click here:  Application for SCCMS/MSMS

Current SCCMS Member Physician Directory


Mohammed J Khan, MD                810-984-4340


Jean-Paul Dupuis, MD 810-987-5000

Eric Robb, MD 810-987-5000

Jeremy Roberts, MD 810-987-5000

Gregory H. Teraikian, DO              810-987-5000

Wassif Hussain, MD 810-985-1684


Sivaji Gundalapalli, MD                 810-985-9681

Ajay Krishen, MD                             810-985-9681

Vrajmohan Parikh, MD                  810-985-9681

Beeravolu R. Reddy, MD                810-985-9681

Madhusudhan C. Reddy, MD        810-985-9681

Bashar  Samman, MD                    810-985-9681

Elias Skaf, MD                                  810-985-9681

Suresh R. Tumma, MD                   810-985-9681


Syed Husain-Hamzavi, MD         810-455-1600

Jean Kegler, MD                              810-364-4770


Frank Brettschneider, DO             810-982-3277

Neal Obermyer, MD 810-982-3277


Michael K. Paul, MD                        810-385-4441


Gaurav Bhalla, MD                         810-216-4200


Christopher J. Borgiel, MD            810-989-7788

George Carley, DO 810-985-5770

Peter A. Cavataio, MD                     810-364-4000

Tae-Hong Chung, MD                    810-794-9324

Aaron Clark, MD 810-982-2095

John Colombo, MD                          810-364-4000

Aleksander A. Domiczek, MD      810-664-4531

Blair Dowden, MD                           810-824-4222

Jun Garcia, MD                                 810-989-1200

Gary James, MD 810-984-2693

Koyka M. Kadreva, MD                  810-984-5700

Patrick Kut, MD 810-985-1680

Dawn Lambrecht, MD                    810-326-0837

Christine Laming, MD 810-359-2605

Philip M. Matich, MD                     810-395-4375

Scott A. McPhilimy, DO                 810-387-9355

Sharon Mitchell, MD 810-985-8170

Loretta A. Mullally, MD                 810-679-2950

John Mullally, MD 810-966-4540

Thomas S. Mullally, MD                810-679-2950

Alexander G. Ruthven, MD           810-987-6200

Ira Sabbagh, MD 810-329-7000

Reid Stromberg, MD 810-985-5700

Renee Susko, MD 586-627-2727

Laura Zelenak, DO 810-724-0591


Kavita Tumma, MD                         810-982-8742 

Viswanadh Vegesna, MD               810-982-8742


Samir Alsawah, MD                        810-982-5200

Youssef Hanna MD                         810-982-5200

Anup Lal, MD                                   810-982-5200


Ponon D. Kumar, MD                     810-385-4441

Nerusu Kamalaker, MD


Ronaldo Balboa, MD                      810-966-9556

Michael Basha, DO                         810-987-5500

Anshum Bhalla, MD                      810-987-1000

Paul A. Bruer, MD                          810-364-4000

Charbal Bazo , MD 810-987-7200

Navkiranjot Brar, MD 586-573-7100

Cheryl Canto, MD 810-987-1000

Emad Daher, MD 810-987-1000

Segundo C. Danao, MD                  810-329-4744

Joel T. Dean, MD                              810-695-3011

Seema Doshi, MD 810-387-4271

Yehia I. Elsafy, MD                          810-985-6680

Edmond W. Fitzgerald, MD          810-982-0164

Saurabh Gandhi, MD 810-987-5252

Riad Hajjar, MD                              810-966-9556

John Jarad, MD                                810-987-1000

Benjamin John, MD                        810-984-5001

Wayel Katrib, MD 734-7295780

Seemab Khan, MD 734-522-1406

Dania Khoulani, MD 810-982-5200

Sara Liter-Kuester, DO                   810-989-3573

Subbana Muthuswami, MD 810-982-5483

Randy J. Plonka, MD                       810-385-6370

Rajat Prakash, MD 810-385-44441

Christopher Provenzano, MD 248-426-0955

Robert Sachs, MD 810-216-4000

Anwar Sheet, MD 810-990-8302

Paul Somerville, MD 810-984-2693

Viswanadh Vegesna, MD 810-990-8302


Jujaku Tayeb, MD 810-987-5252

Abida Zafar, MD 810-987-5252


Devprakash Samuel, MD               810-385-7700

Nalini Samuel, MD                          810-385-7700

Marwan Shuayto , MD 810-982-9414

Omar Turk, MD                                810-216-1901


Kathleen M. Fabian, DO                810-984-3559

Eric J. Hartman, MD                       810-984-3181

Amanda Hurtubise, MD               810-984-3100

Kyu J. Hwang, MD                           810-984-1534

Jon Lensmeyer, MD                       810-984-3100

Karen L. Niver, MD                        810-984-3100

Jeannie L. Rowe, MD                     810-984-3181

Stacey Tremp, DO                          810-984-3100


Samir Alsawah, MD 810-982-5200

Mohammad Chisti, MD 248-484-3600

Lisa Geffros, MD 248-987-6097


Michael E. Balok, MD                    810-329-9045

Kamal Fahim, MD 810-989-7702

Brian Favero, MD 810-985-9600

Fahim Ibrahim, MD 810-989-7702

Kevin Johnson, MD 810-982-1300


William Braaksma, MD 810-985-4900

Emily Tan, MD 810-985-4900

Scott Heithoff, MD 810-985-4900

Gerald J. Jerry, MD                           810-987-9871

Rajesh B. Makim, MD                     810-985-4900

Todd Murphy, MD 810-985-4900

Edgar Pasia, MD 810-985-4900

Mark Petrocelli, MD 810-985-4900

Matthew Scotti, MD 810-985-4900


Rubina Karim, MD                           810-216-1575


Jessica Grace, MD                            810-364-9600

Devkumar Nanadmundi, MD      810-385-9559

Amit Nandi, MD                               810-984-1000

Hemalata Nandi, MD                      810-364-9600

Sreedhar Paknikar, MD                  810-984-1000   

Xinyue Pan, MD        810-989-3313

Sara Pasia, MD 810-985-9300      

Hitesh Vashi, MD


Nick J. Reina, MD                             810-985-1608


Geoffrey D. Osgood, MD               586-777-6200


Najibah Rehman, MD             810-981-5309


Shamshad Anwar, MD 810-982-6996

Sridhar P. Reddy, MD                     810-984-8470

Kelly Ternes, DO                             810-984-8470


Simul Parikh, MD                          810-216-1000


Hafeez Ahmed, MD                       810-989-0029

Jose A. Carrion, MD                       810-985-0029

Peter Clive, MD                               810-985-0029

John J. Ference, MD                       810-985-0029

Leopold Fregoli, MD                     810-985-0029

Edward Mauch, MD                      810-985-0029

Daniel K. Shogren, MD                  810-989-0029


Rafia Kalil, MD 810-985-5000


Anthony Boutt, MD 810-982-8848

Zubin Bhesania, MD                       810-984-3556

Kimberly Clark-Paul, MD             810-985-1830

Karen McFarlane, MD                    810-982-1111

Shilpin Mehta, MD 810-216-1148

Dawn Morey, MD 810-989-7777

Aaron Overly, MD 810-216-1148


Priya Krishen, MD 810-488-1970

VASCULAR SURGERY                                                               

Vernon Dencklau, DO                    810-989-6113

Sadiq Hussain, MD                         810-985-1300


Richard T. Anderson, MD Pathology

Shamshad Anwar, MD Pulmonary

James W. Copping, MD Surgery

Dan C. Deligianis, MD Ophthalmology

Gary Doss, MD Orthopedics

Jean-Paul Dupuis, MD Anesthesiology

Rogelio F. Espiritu, MD Internal medicine

Julian Go, MD Internal medicine

David M. Hislop, MD OB/GYN

Syed S. Hossain, MD Vascular Surgery

Choochart Kasemsarn, MD Pulmonary medicine

John P. Keyser, MD OB/GYN

Douglas A. Krause, MD Internal medicine

Homeria M. McDonald, MD Pathology

Edward Nebel, MD Orthopedics

James W. Mitchener, MD Pathology

Virender Parekh, MD Internal medicine

Wendy Petersen-Carter, MD Pathology

Vicente T. Posadas, MD Anesthesiology

Seong-Kyun Pyun, MD OB/GYN

Richard Relken, MD OB/GYN

Rauf A. Shaikh, MD Urology

James W. Sharpe, MD OB/GYN

Rene’ Smit, MD Plastic Surgery

John Sullivan, MD Otolaryngology

Hernani S. Tansuche, MD Radiology

Stefan A. Tsvetanov, MD Pathology

Jeremy D. Webster, MD Urology

Daniel Wilhelm, MD  Pediatrician

Tae Sik Yook, MD Pathology

Arthur B. Yull, MD Surgery

Johnson Zacharias, MD Cardiology

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