Blue Water Area; Leaders in Medicine

Transition of SCCMS President from Dr. John Pelachyk(left) to Dr. Beau Dowden

2023 Dr. Bassam Nasr Community Leader Recipient

Ponan Dileep Kumar, MD

Dr. Kumar is tireless in his efforts to present timely and relevant educational opportunities to area physicians through his coordination and scheduling of the Saint Clair County Medical Society monthly Journal Club. He has also authored and published multiple articles on currant at times, controversial issues that affect physicians and their patients. T Dr. Bassam Nasr, himself an MSMS Board member, the importance of St Clair county representation and involvement in the Michigan State Medical Society is vital to the strength of our local medical community. This is a passion of Dr. Kumar as well. As a delegate for District 6, to the MSMS society Board of Directors, Dr. Kumar represents and supports our medical community on a state wide level, Additionally, Dr. Kumar serves as a member of the American Association of Physician Leadership. Dr. Kumar has been chosen for the Bassam Nasr Community Service Award for the many ways that he educates, supports and represents our community on a statewide level.

Annette Mercatante, MD is the recipient of the 2022 Jean Chabut Health Policy Champion Award

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2022 Dr. Bassam Nasr Community Leader Recipient

2021 Journal Club Presenters

Dr. Bassam Nasr Distinguished Community Champion Award Video from 2nd annual award presentation.

Due to current conditions the award was announced at the virtual General meeting on January 12, 2121.

Marcel Nasr presented the award virtually to Dr. Annette Mercatante and Dr. Sushma Reddy

When Dr. Mercatante accepted the position of Medical Health Officer of the St. Clair County Health Department, she could never have foreseen the unprecedented health crisis that would envelop our nation.  Nor could she have foreseen the need to rapidly redefine the mission of the Health Department from “achieving optimal wellbeing” to containing the local impact of a worldwide  pandemic and keeping the citizens of our community alive.  The need for strong leadership was immediate, and Dr. Mercatante met the challenge with expertise, fast and precise decision making and the swift actions needed to maximize available resources to care for our Covid patients.  The Health Department suddenly became critical in our community’s response to Covid-19, including our access to essential training, procurement of PPE, contact tracing, developing risk profiles, maintaining and disseminating data on resource availability and ultimately taking a pivotal role in the vaccination process.   Dr. Mercatante’s leadership has been tireless, and her expertise has been a vital factor in minimizing the number of Covid deaths in our community.  Dr. Annette Mercatante has, throughout the Covid crisis, epitomized the spirit of the Dr. Bassam Nasr Community Service Leader Award.

Dr. Reddy has earned her place as one of the most dedicated volunteers our medical community has ever known.  Throughout her years in private practice, she spearheaded numerous volunteer organizations with the goal of improving the fitness, nutrition skills and overall wellness of both children and adults in our community.  She was a leader in bringing “Prescribe the Y” to local physicians and patients.  She started the Blue Water Walking Club nearly 20 years ago, she has been the driving force behind “Walk for Summer Reading” since 2009, she has volunteered at the People’s Clinic for over 15 years and she has generously given her time to many additional causes.  She has served on multiple Boards of Directors, including the YMCA, McLaren Port Huron Diabetes Advisory Committee, The Community Foundation of St. Clair County and The Port Huron Area School District Health Advisory Committee.  She has been a leader among us in freely giving her time and talents to the people in our community for nearly 30 years, and she has done so with great enthusiasm and dedication.  Dr. Sushma Reddy truly embodies the spirit of the Dr. Bassam Nasr Community Service Leader Award.

Beautiful night honoring Dr. Bassam Nasr for his many contributions to this community, colleagues, and families.