About Us

The St. Clair County Medical Society was established in 1900 to bring together physicians in the Blue Water Area of Michigan. Through this organization, physicians in the community come together to help worthy causes, especially those that help citizens in the community lead healthier lives; engage in professional development and continuing education; and to socialize with others who lead similarly busy lives.

Our Mission

The Purposes of the St. Clair County CME Consortium are to provide locally planned Continuing Medical Education Activities for physicians practicing in St. Clair County and the surrounding geographic area, in so much as these Activities are organized around the local practicing physicians, and are tailored to meet the educational needs of these groups of practicing physicians.  In addition, the St. Clair County CME Consortium is to provide a collegian atmosphere for physicians from often-diverse practice groups, to come together and use the linkage between education and practice to improve the level of healthcare within this community

The St. Clair County CME Consortium shall plan activities that are focused on the primary care provider and his/her practice relationship with local and regional specialists, bringing to our community expertise often not readily available in a ‘non-university’ community setting.  In order to meet these purposes, the St. Clair County CME Consortium will provide leadership, fiscal responsibility, staffing, and administration for each activity.

As a result of the St. Clair County CME Consortium’s CME Program, the physicians of this community will have access to educational activities that are both meaningful and integral to their local practice of medicine.

Our Leadership

Membership of the SCCMS is led by a board of directors that hold two year terms. The current SCCMS Board of Directors is as follows:

President:  Beau Dowden, DO

Immediate Past President: John Pelachyk, MD

President-Elect: Brian Favero, MD

Treasurer:  Nick Reina, MD

Secretary: Sara Liter-Kuester, DO

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