Continuing Education

2022 Schedule of CME Events

January through December

LHMC Tumor boards will be in the Auditorium and Webex

Journal clubs will be Zoom till further notice.

January 11     General Meeting via Zoom 6:30pm

January 13     Journal Club 6pm

January 14     Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

January 28     Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

February 10   Journal Club 6pm

February 11   Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

February 25   Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

March 10        Journal Club 6pm

March 11        Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

March 19        Primary Care Conference 8am

March 25        Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

April 8             Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

April 14           Journal Club 6pm

April 22          Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

May 12           Journal Club 6pm

May 13           Tumor Board LHMC 12noon

May 17           Cardiac Conference 5:30pm

May 27           Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

June 9             Journal Club 6pm

June 24           Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

July 14             Journal Club 6pm

July 22             Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

August 11       Journal Club 6pm

August 26       Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

September 8   Journal Club 6pm

September 9   Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

September 23 Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

October 13    Journal Club 6pm

October 14    Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

October 28    Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

November TBD   Cancer Symposium

November 10 Journal Club 6pm

November 11 Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

December 7    Journal Club 6pm

December 9    Tumor Board LHMC 12 noon

Please be advised dates, locations, virtual platform, and times are subject to change.


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